DivorceWhat Led To The Divorce Of Daniel Toce and Kim Zolciak? Everything...

What Led To The Divorce Of Daniel Toce and Kim Zolciak? Everything To Know

Nonetheless, there are so many that seem to still be caught in the past as they still wonder what really happened between Toce and Kim that led to their divorce.

Daniel Toce and Kim Zolciak Were Only Married For Only 3 Years

The love story between the pair has not been the clearest, hence, it is not known how the two first met. However, it is known that they walked down the aisle in a simple event in  September 2001.

There have been speculations that Toce was previously married and had kids before he met Kim, but there is nothing to support the claim.

The Marriage Ended As A Result Of Alleged Infidelity

The union between Daniel Toce and Kim Zolciak was short-lived after a short while because of claims by Zim that her husband at the time was cheating on her. Apart from that, she claimed that he abandoned her and their little daughter, Brielle.

Following the divorce, there were different rumors as regards the amount she was getting in child support and alimony. There were those that claimed she could be taking away  $30,000 for child support each month and $250K in alimony.

It was later revealed that there was no truth to the rumors.

Toce Has A Couple Of Criminal Cases Against Him Since The Divorce

Since his marriage to Kim came to an end in 2003, Daniel Tose who before that time was said to be struggling with alcohol abuse, seemed never to get tired of getting into trouble with the law.

He was first arrested in 2004 for alleged armed robbery. It is not clear how this case ended, but he was again in the news in 2010 for a more serious offense when he was alleged to have sexually assaulted a minor. The minor turned out to be a girl of 15 who was his stepdaughter and the case was reported by a family member.

Even though the family member who made the report gave a horrifying detail of the event, the victim denied the claim before she later came back to say it was true and she denied it at first because she was scared for her life. According to her, the incident first started when Toce kissed her and after that, they had sexual intercourse with the content of both involved.

They continued having sexual intercourse for a while without using any protection. This led to pregnancy in 2010 and when she was 5 weeks into the pregnancy, she aborted the baby.

There Were Also Allegations Of Drug Abuse And Domestic Violence Levelled Against Toce

Apart from sexually abusing the said victim, she also claimed that Daniel Toce was in the habit of using drugs including cocaine.

More so, she alleged that he physically abused her whenever he was angry. At various points, he kicked, punched, and slapped her on the face. She made it clear that she wanted him to be arrested for all the abuse she suffered from him including the sexual abuse.

After his arrest, Toce pleaded innocent in 2010 to the allegations of illegal sexual interactions with a minor and sexual assault in the second degree. This only stops until June 2011, when he changed his mind and pleaded guilty to the offense. He later made it clear that the teenager in question was not a child because she was almost 16.

Subsequent Relationships of Daniel Toce

Since his failed marriage and his involvement in crime, Daniel Toce has maintained a very low profile and so there has been no information if he has found love again and has started dating.

In the same way, apart from the claim that he was married before meeting his ex-wife Kim, something that has not been substantiated, there is no record to show that he has been in other relationships.

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Relationships of Kim Zolciak Since Her Divorce

On her part, Kim got into a couple of relationships one of which led to her second marriage since the first one failed.

She Dated Big Poppa In 2009

In 2009, the reality TV star shocked most people when she was linked to rich and successful Puerto Rican real estate developer, Lee Najjar, better known as Big Poppa.

With a net worth estimated at $50 million, Big Poppa was described as the sugar daddy of Kim and he sponsored her lavished lifestyle for a while. Not so much is known about the relationship because the couple involved kept most of the details private. What is known, however, is that it did not last a long time before it finally came to an end.

Kim Subsequently Dated And Got Married To Kroy Biermann

In 2010, Kim Zolciak dumped Big Poppa for a much younger Kroy Biermann, who became famous in the NFL as a football player. They tied the knot in 2011 even though her husband is 7 years her junior.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kory have since been blessed with four kids; Kroy Jr., Kash, Kane, and daughter Kaia. They also adopted Brielle Biermann and Ariana Biermann, Kim’s daughters from a previous relationship.

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