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Who is Tinglan Hong And What Happened Between Her And Hugh Grant?

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Tinglan Hong is a Chinese waitress who caught the eyes of the world for her relationship with actor and TV producer, Hugh Grant. She was said to have relocated to the UK in search of greener pastures but in the end, she found herself in the news and tabloids where she was labeled the other woman in the life of Hugh Grant was said to have cheated on this fiancée with.

Even though the relationship did not lead to marriage, the pair were blessed with two kids.

Who is Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong
Tinglan Hong (Image Source)

Tinglan was born in April 1980, in Lishui, Zhejiang China, her exact date and month of birth are not known yet. She was born to a business-oriented family who worked hard to make money. Her father is a sole business owner while her mother is also a successful businesswoman, their identities are not known for now.

Even though the names of the schools she attended are not available, it has been revealed that when she was in high school, Hong was more than an average student. After her high school education, she attended the University of Surrey in the UK where she studied and graduated with a degree in Hotel Management.

There have been rumors going around that Tinglan was once an actress, though there have been no details to back up as the fact yet. Currently, she is a businesswoman and the director of Bamboo Icon Ltd, a company which she founded in 2015.

How Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant Met

Tinglan and Hugh met at a Chinese restaurant where she worked as a receptionist and from there things started to develop. Hugh was said to have started visiting there more frequently but tried to keep their relationship away from the media, at that time Tinglan also knew he was seeing another woman but didn’t mind at all, It is speculated that they started dating officially sometime in 2010.

Their relationship was thought to be a fleeting affair until it was taken to the next level when Tinglan became pregnant with their first child Tabitha Xaioxi Grant who was born on the 26th of September 2011.

Their Relationship Soon Turned Complicated

Tinglan Hong
Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant (Image Source)

About a year after the birth of their daughter, the couple separated and Hugh was said to be engaged after seeing his future wife in Anna Eberstein. Interestingly, Anna gave birth to the second child of the actor, John Mungo in September 2012.

A few months later, his first baby mama, Tinglan gave birth to their second child together and the third of the actor. This means that he was together with both women at the same time. Their second child Felix Chang was born in December 2012.

This very interesting outcome of events made the media and people blast Hugh Grant for being such a careless playboy and womanizer for he has records of having countless women at his beck and call. After a while, the tabloids forgot about the baby mama incident and started praising him for how much of a good and loving father he is to his children.

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Where Is Tinglan?

Tinglan now lives in a 1.2 million pounds mansion purchased for her by her baby daddy after she gave birth to his first child. Hugh bought the property only a few miles from the home he now shares with Anna. It has been reported that he also put the house in his cousin’s name to throw the media off poking their nose in his private business.

It is also worthy to mention that Hugh went from being childless at age 51 to be the father of three beautiful children just in the space of 15 months and since then to date, he has had five children in all, three from his wife Ann and two from his baby mama Tinglan.

As of 2018, Hugh the notorious celebrity playboy finally got married, this shocked many because he had always stated that he didn’t agree to the rule of being married to one person where he had to stay with them for many years. He got married to his Swedish girlfriend Anna Eberstein.

Tinglan and Hugh may not be together at the moment but he is very much involved in the lives of his children, loving and taking good care of them.

Grant Is Not The Only Man She Dated

Before meeting and dating Hugh, Tinglan is said to have dated Adolf Mosquera who is a Columbian Soccer player while she was in the University. After two years of dating, the two went their separate ways.

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