Family MembersWynter Merin Finley Is Chuck Finley’s Daughter – 10 Facts About Her

Wynter Merin Finley Is Chuck Finley’s Daughter – 10 Facts About Her

Here are some of the most fascinating facts we know about Chuck Finley’s daughter.

Unknown Facts About Wynter Merin Finley

1. Wynter Merin Finley was born in 1993

It was on March 18, 1993, that Wynter Merin Finley was born in Los Angeles. As stated, she was birthed to actress Tawny Kitaen and sportsman, Chuck Finley. At the time that she was born, her parents were still not yet married.

2. She is well educated

As regards her education, she went to CAPA Internation Education in London, England, as well as Griffith University. She got a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. More so, she has a Digital Marketing certificate from The Business Of Fashion.

3. Wynter has a regular career

Considering the career paths of her parents, one would expect that she would also have a life either as an entertainer or a sportsperson. However, she has what could be described as a regular job.

She started her career as a Stylist with Trumaker in 2015 and then in 2016, Wynter joined ShopStyle as a Creative Producer. In 2019, she became the company’s Email Marketing Manager before she was made its Marketing Strategy and Operations Manager in 2020, a position she still occupies.

4. Her parents were only married for 5 years

The parents of Wynter Merin Finley were together for a decade before they finally went their separate ways in divorce in 2002. However, they were only married for less than 5 years. Having started their relationship in 1992, they did not get married until on 20th Nov 1997 when they walked down the aisle.

The marriage was not one to last forever as it came to a sad end in 2002. At the time, Wynter was only 9 years old. Although the real reason behind the divorce was not made clear, the late actress was arrested at the same period and was charged with two misdemeanor counts of spousal abuse and battery after being accused of hitting chuck.

5. Her mother was once married to David Coverdale

Before her marriage to Chuck, Tawny was previously married to singer, actor, and producer, David Coverdale. The pair got married in 1989 and by 1991 which was also the year she started dating Chuck, the marriage came to an end. They did not have any children together.

Although no reason was given for their divorce, Coverdale revealed that they did not communicate for three decades since their divorce because he was investing in his new marriage and he believed it was that way because they did not have any child.

6. She was brought up alongside a sister

Wynter Merin Finley
Tawny Kitaen, Raine, and Chuck Finley (Image Source)

Five years after the birth of Wynter Merin Finley, Tawny Kitaen and Chuck Finely had another child, a daughter whose name is Raine Finley. Raine was born in 1998, less than a year after the pair got married. She now has a career as a model and actress.

7. Both her parents did not marry after their divorce

Following their failed marriage, neither Tawny Kitaen nor Chuck Finley had gotten married again. Nonetheless, they both dated others after they parted ways. Chuck had a brief relationship with Heather Havens while the love life of Tawney since the former baseball player was not clear.

In the same way, Wynter and Raine were the only children that both their parents have ever had.

8. She is the least famous member of her family

without any doubt, Wynter Merin Finley is the least famous member of her family as both her parents and her sister have careers that have made them famous. Her father who was born without any doubt, Wynter Merin Finley is the least famous member of her family as both her parents and her sister have careers that have made them famous.

Her father, who was born Charles Edward Finley in 1962 spent 16 years in the MLB where he made his name as a professional baseball pitcher. Her mother Julie Ellen Kitaen was born in 1961. She became known as an actress, model, and TV personality who became known for the 1980s films; Bachelor Party, The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak, and Witchboard.

As stated, her sister is also an actress and model. She is most known for her appearance on the reality TV show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008. That stated, Raine is also more famous for her parents rather than for her career.

9. Her mother was involved in some high profile relationships

Tawny Kitaen
Tawny Kitaen and Musician Dave Coverdale (Image Source)

Kitaen only got married twice but she was involved in many other relationships, most of which were with famous personalities. Among the men she dated at different times were O. J. Simpson, Jerry Seinfeld Robbin Crosby, Tommy Lee, and Jon Stewart.

10. Wynter Merin Finley lost her mother in 2021

Wynter’s mother died in May 2021 at the age of 59. Her death was said to be a result of a heart attack and there was no foul play involved.

According to Tawny Kitaen’s brother, Jordan Kitaen, his sister’s death was probably as a result of heartbreak, following the death of her father who died in April 2021, after a long battle with Skin Cancer, Jordan stated the loss was too much for Tawny to take because the two were extremely close.

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