SingleDenise Dowse’s Husband: Was She Ever Married? Her Family Members

Denise Dowse’s Husband: Was She Ever Married? Her Family Members

Denise Dowse was an American actress and director who was in the movie business for more than three decades before she on  August 13, 2022, at the age of 64. Although her professional life was great, there have always been questions regarding her personal life with people asking who Demise Dowse’s husband was.

Here is all we know about the personal and love life of the late actress:

Who Is Denise Dowse’s Husband?

Denise Dowse does not have a husband as she was never married. A woman who was blessed with beauty and talent, Denise seemed to have had her life revolving around her career, with very little left to her relationships.

In the same way, there was never information about any form of relationship she had in the past. There have been no records of past boyfriends or girlfriends as the case may be since her true sexuality was never known.

Did Denise Dowse Have Kids?

Without a husband or any known relationships, there have also never been any records to show that the actress has ever had children in the past.

It is also known that she had never adopted children in the past. The only known thing is that she was a lover of dogs and she shared her home with the pets. She had two beautiful dogs named Gabby and Buster.

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Who Are The Other Family Members Of The Actress?

Denise Dowse's Husband
Denise Dowse and her sister, Tracy (Instagram)

Profile of Denise Dowse’s parents and siblings

  • Full name: Denise Yvonne Dowse
  • Father: Herbert B. Dowse
  • Mother: Mrs. Dowse
  • Stepmother: Mildred K. Dowse
  • Brother: Herbert B. Dowse III
  • Sister: Tracy Dowse

Without a husband or kids, the actress is known to have other close family members.

She was born Denise Yvonne Dowse on February 21, 1958, in Honolulu, Hawaii, the United States. Her parents, Herbert B. Dowse and Mrs. Dowse. Her father, Hebert was a captain in the United States Navy.

She once revealed that she owed all that she became to her mum, although there was not so much information regarding her.

Denise Dowse’s siblings are Tracey Allyn Dowse and Herbert B. Dowse III. Tracey Allyn Dowse is the oldest of the three siblings and they all seemed to have a great relationship. Her brother was mostly referred to as Barry.

The marriage between her parents is not clear but it is known that at some point, her father got married a second time to a woman known as Mildred K. Dowse (Dobbins), who herself was once married. Mildred became the stepmother of the famous actress.

Tracy is The Only Member Of Her Family Still Alive

Sadly, following the death of Denise Dowse in August 2022, her sister, Tracy Dowse remained the only member of her immediate family alive.

Before Denise, all other members of the family including their parents, brother, and even stepmother, had all died.

How Did Denise Dowse Die?

The news about the death of the celebrated actress, Denise Dowse was announced by her sister, Tracy Dowse on Instagram. According to Tracy, her sister had passed away to reunite with her other family members.

Before the announcement about the passing, Tracy had also announced that the actress and director had been in a coma for some days after suffering from meningitis. She made it known that due to her critical conditions, doctors didn’t know when she might make it out of the coma.

As indicated, the actress was born in 1958 in Honolulu. She got her education at Norfolk State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree. Denise started her acting career in 1989 when she got a role in the TV series, Almost There. from then on, she went on to appear in many more TV shows, theatre productions, and films.

Some of her most known works include Beverly Hills, 90210 (1991-2000), California Dreams (1993-1994), The Guardian (2001-2004), Requiem for a Dream (2000), and Fatale (2020). The last works of the talented actress are Celeste’s Dream (2020), A Ccloud So High (2021), Three Days (2021), The Wedding Games (2021), and Bronzeville (2021).

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