DivorceEdna Monroy Is The Ex-Wife of Juan Diego Covarrubias- Unknown Facts

Edna Monroy Is The Ex-Wife of Juan Diego Covarrubias- Unknown Facts

Edna Monroy is a TV actress who has become better known as the ex-wife of Mexican actor Juan Diego Covarrubias. The pair got married in 2018 and even though they looked like a couple whose marriage was destined to last long, the union came to an end in divorce only a year later in 2019.

More than 3 years after their divorce, the couple is still being made reference to in the media space as many try to understand all about their relationship, marriage, divorce, and any other facts available about her.

Edna Monroy And Juan Diego Covarrubias Dated For Only Two Months

The love story of Edna and Juan was one that went in a very fast lane. They first met towards the ending part of 2016 and they fell in love almost instantly. They went on to date for only two months before they tied the knot in January 2017 when they were on a trip to Tulum, Mexico.

The simple wedding ritual was nothing they planned, but they seemed very happy with it. In 2018, they decided to get married legally when they sealed their vows in the presence of friends and family members at the City Hall.

Both the yoga teacher and actress as well as her actor husband took to their social media pages to declare their undying love and happiness that they were married legally.

While Edna declared that she was the happiest woman in the world and that she was finally married to the actor, Juan made it known on his Instagram that there was nothing that made him happier than to be married to her.

The Marriage Did Not Last More Than A Year

Less than a year after their legal marriage and less than two after they first walked down the aisle in an impromptu ritual, Edna Monroy and Juan Diego Covarrubias walked their separate ways in divorce.

She took to her social media to make a formal announcement that they have mutually come to an agreement to walk their separate ways. She indicated that the divorce was a mutual decision and it was a decision they took for reasons that were personal.

Juan Diego Covarrubias would later come out to state that he was the one who filed for a divorce. Before the final divorce, he had attempted to divorce her twice in their short marriage but he did not push through with it during the third attempt, he called on his lawyer and indicated that he wanted a divorce as soon as possible. He stated that the reason was something he was never going to share but Edna and her people were very much aware of why he wanted the marriage to end.

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The Couple Did Not Have Any Kids Together

The marriage between Edna Monroy And Juan Diego Covarrubias did not produce any child in the two years that they were together. They did not hide the fact that they had always wanted kids, and neither did they make it a secret that they had tried many means medically to have children but it yielded no fruit.

After they announced their divorce, there were some reports that claimed the reason why they were going their separate ways was because of Edna’s inability to have children for Juan. However, in an interview, he made it clear that it was not true.

He said even though he had always wanted to be a father and she was unable to bear him any, she was very healthy enough to have kids and her inability to take in had nothing to do with the break up of their marriage.

He indicated that he was never going to speak on the reason why they divorced but he was making it clear it had nothing to do with not having children.

Who Is Edna Monroy’s Current Boyfriend?

Since the end of her marriage, it is still not clear if Edna has given another try to a relationship as it is believed that she is possibly still single without a boyfriend or she is keeping that aspect of her life private.

On the other hand, her former husband Juan Diego Covarrubias has since moved on with his life. Although he is not yet married, he has since been engaged to Renata Haro whom he has been dating since 2020.

The pair has a daughter who was born in 2021. While there is the belief that they are still only engaged, there are other reports suggesting that they have since been married.

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