RelationshipsGeffri Hightower: Is She Married? A Look At Her Love Life

Geffri Hightower: Is She Married? A Look At Her Love Life

Is Geffri Hightower dating Michael Evans Behling or Peyton Alex Smith? Certainly, their onscreen romance has led to something more and the images on her Instagram kind of suggest an offscreen relationship of some sort.

Safe for her on-set relationships and her character in Private Practice getting married, Geffri Hightower has been tight-lipped about her relationships. Even with her intense chemistry with Michael who played Jordan, and her other love interest Damon on All American it’s still obvious Geffri’s romantic relationship with them ended onscreen.

There is no news about her being in any relationship outside those her characters played.

Is Geffri Hightower Married?

American actress Geffri Hightower is not married. With how private she has chosen to be about her personal life, this is what most media know about her dating life. She has never been married and has carefully prevented hints of any romantic relationship from reaching the media.

At 28 years old, her Instagram profile shows nothing personal which could lead to speculations about her relationship and love life.

She has a few images and videos on Instagram but they are all mostly about her life as an actress and model.

As usual, all eyes are on her and fans and followers are eagerly waiting for when Geffri would drop hints or reveal who she is in a relationship with.

For what it’s worth, most people believe she is straight probably because of the romantic roles her characters have played in movies and TV.  

All there is to Geffri Maya Hightower’s Love Life is Onscreen

Geffri hasn’t been without love in her life, though. Her character as Simone Hicks was at the center of many love relationships on the TV series All American created by Nkechi Okoro Carroll.

At the beginning of her stint on the series, Simone was paired with Michael Evan Behlings who played the role of Jordan. While in Los Angeles, she shared a deep connection and intense chemistry with Jordan and he even featured in the spinoff All American: Homecoming which was basically centered around Simone.

However, in this spinoff, Geffri’s character developed another romantic relationship with Damon Sims played by Peyton Alex Smith.

With Damon, fans and followers couldn’t help but notice another type of chemistry shared. This is why many believe that Geffri Hightower might have taken at least one of these romances off-screen. However, it isn’t so.

Geffri and these men are very good friends as she is with most of the cast of the All American TV series.

The actress revealed that she is very close friends with all the cast and she goes on to prove it by sharing her Instagram pictures with most of them.

In a nutshell, Geffri Maya is most likely single or just not ready to put her love affairs out there.

Other Interesting Facts about the All American Actress

There is a lot to know about the actress who has played a good number of roles since her debut as a child actress. Outside her love life or the seeming lack of it, there is more to Geffri Maya Hightower that we will be looking at.

  • She was raised by a single mother named Stephanie Renee Hightower and rarely speaks about her father. Hailing from South Central, Los Angeles, she was born on February 25, 1995, as Geffri Maya Hightower. On Instagram uploads of her mother, Geffri has praised Stephanie stating that she wouldn’t have been where she is without the woman who single-handedly raised her.
  • The Private Practice actress is well educated as she attended Alexander Hamilton High School. After graduating high school, she also attended Clark Atlanta University before continuing her career in acting. Geffri graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University.
  • The African-American actress started acting as a child actor after getting her debut role in a TV series titled Jericho in 2006. Geffri was just 11 years old then. Another early role that was also quite big was as Nala on Broadway’s The Lion King. Her love for acting started from a very young age as she was fascinated by the actors she grew up watching. She promised her mother that she would one day be inside the TV and she lived to fulfill that dream.
  • Aside from acting, Geffri Maya Hightower loves writing and directing. She also likes to dance as she doesn’t restrict herself to just one aspect of show business. She studied dance at Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles and wanted to further at Fordham University. Additionally, Geffri is also a model and has posed a couple of times for brands and photographers.
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