MarriedMayeli Alonso Married Lupillo Rivera For Over 10 Years- Timeline of The...

Mayeli Alonso Married Lupillo Rivera For Over 10 Years- Timeline of The Relationship

Considered to be a happy couple for many years, there are many questions as regards their love life together including how it began and finally ended. Here is a timeline that captures the relationship of Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera.

Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera Met In 2003

The start of the relationship between the duo goes back to 2003 when their paths first crossed. Alonso was having a concert in Chihuahua, Mexico, and it was there that he first sighted Mayeli.

According to her, when he walked up to her that March, she believed he was the most handsome man in the world. He stuck up a conversation with her and that was how their relationship later started.

Rivera Seemed To Still Be Married When He Met Mayeli

Alonso and the singer would later insist that when they met and started dating, the marriage of Lupillo to his first wife, María Gorola was already over.

However, looking at the dates, it seems to suggest that he was still married to his wife when he started having an affair with Alonso. In fact, the suggestion is that it was his infidelity that ended the marriage in 2003 and then he proceeded to continue with Alonso.

They Had Their First Daughter, Karizma Rivera in 2004

Alsonso and Rivera soon welcomed their first child together, Karizma Rivera who was born in August 2004. Now a teenager, she has already shown interest in joining the music business that her family is known for.

Apart from that, she has also followed the entrepreneurial path of her mother by starting her make-up and beauty care line, ‘Karizma Beauty.’

Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso got engaged in November 2005

Two years after they met and a year after the birth of their daughter, Rivera surprised his woman when he went on a knee at the Latin Grammy in 2005 to propose marriage to her.

They Tied The Knot In 2006

On April 9 2006, Mayeli Alonso officially became Mrs Rivera after they tied the knot in an event that reportedly cost over a hundred thousand dollars.

The entire relationship leading to the marriage were opposed by most members of the singers family who preferred the first wife of the singer, Maria Gorola. Those strongly against the relationship included his mother and sister Jenna Rivera.

Mayeli and Lupillo Welcomed Their Second Child In 2008

In August 2008, Mayeli gave birth to a second child for Rivera, an it was a son. This was the first son he had after having four daughters with his first wife and another daughter with Mayeli.

The birth gave the musician so much excitement that he decided to name the young one The King; L’Rey.

They Separated In 2018

By 2018, it was clear that all was not well in their kingdom as they separated. It was not revealed who between then packed out of the house.

Their Divorce Followed Two Weeks After The Separation

Just a couple of weeks after the separation, it was reported that the couple had finally decided to end their marriage that spanned for close to 13 years. Those very close to them were not so surprised as there were already troubles brewing in the union before the divorce.

The Divorce Was Because Mayeli Alonso Did The “Unforgiveable”

In the divorce papers that were seen by the media, the reason behind the divorce was irreconcilable difference. However, the singer later revealed that his blogger wife who is also a YouTuber did the unforgiveable.

It was reported that he started suspecting that something was amis as she started acting strangely. He reportedly confronted her again and again until she confirmed his suspicion. It was alleged that she was having an affair, which was something Rivera felt was unforgivable and so he divorced her.

On her part, Alonso claimed that the reason why their marriage ended was an argument over an “intimate game.” She did not provide further details about this.

They Have Since Split Their Assets

Following the divorce which was finalized in June 2018, it was revealed that the businesswoman asked for financial support from her husband. However, she cleared the air that this was only a tactic suggested by her attorney so that her husband doesn’t request for assistance from her.

The couple later split their assets even though each of them is taking what rightfully belongs to them. Among the things she is having is the company she founded, Beauty Mpire. Also, she bought for her ex-husband a 2018 Mercedes; she kept that one as well. Other things she walked away with are her jewelry, a 2018 Sling Shot 3-Wheel motorcycle, and a home they shared in California valued at over $1 million,

They also have got joined custody of their two kids.

Lupillo Rivera Made Public His Relationship With Giselle Soto In December 2020

In December 2020, Rivera and Soto confirmed the raging rumors that they were dating. It was obviously a serious relationship as the singer was said to have made a promise to his new woman that he was going to take off a tattoo his former lover who is also a singer, Belinda.

He also made a promise to her at the graveside of her father, that he was going to get married to her there. Following some pictures she shared on her social media, there have since been reports that the two were probably already engaged, and she might be pregnant.

In addition to this, there is another suggestion that they are probably married already, but there is nothing to give credence to this claim.

Mayeli Alonso Also Found Herself A New Man

Mayeli Alonso
Mayeli Alonso and Jesus Mendez (Image Source)

Rivera is not the only one who has passed the failed marriage behind him. Alsonso has reportedly since found for herself a new man too whose name is Jesus Mandoza. Their relationship began in 2019 after her marriage failed. She was said to have found comfort in his arms at the time.

They made their relationship very public and although she was much older than Mandoza, that did not matter to them. For her birthday, he filled her truck with roses. While Mandoza is also a singer, it was his affair with Alonso that made him really famous.

Unfortunately, they have since ended things as she was said to have thrown him out of her house, leaving him devastated over the breakup.

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