CelebrityMorningStar Angeline Is A Queer Actress: Facts About Her And Her Love...

MorningStar Angeline Is A Queer Actress: Facts About Her And Her Love Life

While it is known that she is queer, her love life has remained one thing about her that remains in the dark.

Biography of MorningStar Angeline


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MorningStar Angeline is a woman of mixed heritage. She is Navajo, Chippewa, Blackfeet, Shoshone, and Latinx. Born MorningStar Angeline Wilson-Chippewa Freeland, the actress is believed to be birthed in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Shawn Chippewa. Unfortunately, when she was still a baby, she lost her dad who passed away as a result of an alcohol-related accident. Her mother later got married to a man known as Daniel Freeland and he adopted MorningStar as his daughter.

She was brought up in Gallup, also in New Mexico, in a home that was filled with traditional teachings. Her family later moved to Los Angeles where she grew up.

She Has Been In The Film Business For Many Years

It did not make sense to MorningStar while growing up, to find out that there were not many people like her on TV. Nonetheless, that did not stop her from falling in love with the arts since she was a child.

This led her to start taking part in school productions through grade school and by the time she was in high school, it became clear to her that she could make it as an actress and filmmaker because she got to realize that there were many ordinary people in LA following the same career path.

After her high school education, she pursued acting in Los Angeles, but it was not easy for her because there were not many roles available for her as a Native. MorningStar also stated that she felt the process including auditions were toxic towards her.

The actress fell back to jobs as a photographer and waitress when acting gigs failed to come in. She was still into this when she received the audition for “Drunktown’s Finest, which she took, and less than a week later, she was back in Santa Fe, shooting the film. Her role in the 2014 film earned her the Best Supporting Actress at the American Indian Movie Award 2014.

She has since come to take part in a few other productions as an actress including the following:

  • Delivery from Earth (2014)
  • Longmire (2015)
  • I Am Thy Weapon (2016)
  • Katie Says Goodbye (2016)
  • Cowboy Drifter (2017)
  • Yellowstone (2018)
  • The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw (2019)
  • I Know This Much Is True (2020)
  • Keyhole Garden (2022)

To give a boost to her career, the talented actress who has clinched other awards including the Institute of American Indian Arts and honor from the New Mexico Film and Television Hall of Fame resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Los Angeles.

MorningStar Angeline Has Also Done Some Modeling


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The filmmaker does not consider herself so much of a model, but that did not stop her from falling into it. She has been called upon by different people and brands in the past to model for them.

She came to like it and prioritize it while keeping away from mainstream modeling because of some experiences she had as a young girl growing up as regards her body weight which she was never comfortable with. She has always been comfortable modeling for indigenous and native designers.

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MorningStar Angeline Has Suffered Some Tragic Losses In The Past

The Yellowstone actress has experienced a number of very serious tragedies in her life, right from the death of her father when she was still a baby. She was only 2 years old when he died in 1992.

In 2016, she suffered another huge loss when her adopted father, Daniel, lost his life. She revealed that the death hit her in a hard way and it was while grieving the loss that she got the idea for her short film, ‘Yá’át’ééh abíní’. The motivation behind the celebrated work was to tell their story in a beautiful way.

Just when the door opened for her career and she started shooting for her debut film, Drunktown’s Finest, MorningStar suffered the loss of her best childhood friend. She revealed that the death left her raw and to mourn the passage, she shaved off all her hair which made her feel very insecure.

Is MorningStar Angeline Dating Anyone?

Angeline has never hidden her true identity from the public, as she has since come out as queer. According to her, coming out was never a problem for her because she has been blessed with a family that is open to accepting it. In fact, she is not the first member of her family to be queer.

The 5 feet 5 inches tall MorningStar Angeline has, however, not revealed if she is currently dating any boyfriend or girlfriend. She has kept that aspect of her life away from the public, opening up for the speculation that she might as well be single.

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