DivorceFilip Nikolic: His Life, Death And Other Fascinating Facts To Know

Filip Nikolic: His Life, Death And Other Fascinating Facts To Know

The star featured in popular movies such as Simon Sez in 1999 and Francasses in 2008. He also had musical singles like Don’t Say Goodbye (1998) and albums with his 2Be3 group including 2 Be 3 (1998) and Bercy 98 (1999).

Quick Profile of Nikolic Filip
  • Name: Nikolic Filip
  • Date of Birth: 1st September 1974
  • Place of Birth: Saint-Ouen, France
  • Age at the Time of Death: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Serbian-French
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Famous For: Music (member of 2Be3) and acting
  • Years Active: 
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Children: Sasha and Tanelle (adopted daughter)
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Wife: Valerie Bourdin
  • Date of Death: 16th September 2009

His Childhood and the Early Years of His Acting Career

Filip Nikolic was born on September 1, 1974, in Saint-Quen, Seine-Saint-Denis, in the northern suburbs of Paris in France to parents of Serbian extraction. He is one of three siblings with a brother named Sasa (Sacha) and a sister named Jessica.

The singer attended the Louis-Pasteur College, Longjumeau.

In the same town where he grew up, Filip met his band partners and later gained much popularity in the French city.

He began his acting career in 1997 in the TV series To Be Free. He also starred in popular movies like Simon Sez in 1996, alongside NBA superstar Dennis Rodman.

The pop singer was part of other movies and TV series like Seagull in 2002 and Shattered in 2006. He also starred in Novarro TV series in 2001 and Novarro Brigade in 2006

How the French Pop Singer Attained Greater Fame through the 2Be3 Band Group 

The 2Be3 group was formed in 1990 by Nikolic Fillip and his friend Frank Delay and rose to prominence in 1996. The pop singer’s group achieved greater success in the late 90s as it was one of the highly celebrated pop groups at the time.

The band had recorded multiple albums and singles to their credit and also hit double platinum for their outstanding breakthrough career in the late 90s. Nikolic Fillip and the crew sold millions of copies all over the world before disbanding in 2001.

Notable songs of The French Singer and His Band

  • Partir Un Jour (1996)
  • Don’t Say Goodbye (1998)
  • Excuse My French (1998)
  • La Salsa (1997)

Notable Albums of The Pop Singer’s 2be3 Group

  • Partir Un Jour (1996)
  • 2 Be 3 (1998)
  • Bercy 98 (1999)
  • Excuse My French (2001)

Notable films of Filip Nikolic

  • Simon Sez (2000)
  • Seagull (2002)
  • Memory Lapse (2002)
  • Shattered (2006)

Filip Nikolic was once a Gymnastic Champion

The French singer was also successful as a gymnast. He created history with the French gymnastic team in 1994, when he won the gymnastics championships.

The actor’s success was recognized by his community and because of that, a gymnasium where he used to practice was named after him.

This helped the musician and actor to build a well-admired structured body, which saw him take part in modeling in France, winning a modeling contest, and be referred to as one of the sexiest men to have ever lived in the French city.

All There is to Know About the Love Life and Children of the Filip Nikolic

Filip Nikolic
Valerie Bourdin and Filip Nikolic (Image Source)

The pop singer was in a relationship with Valerie Bourdin who is into fashion and is the owner of a boutique in the French city, before his premature death. The duo met as far back as 1998 and lasted for a period of 12 years. They had a daughter named Sasha who was born in 2005, and an adopted daughter, Tanelle.

Sasha is now 53 years old. She attended the International Bilingual School in Paris, France. She now owns a clothing outlet which was launched in 2022. She used the outlet to sell swimwear and bikinis.

On the other hand, Tanelle was an adopted daughter of Filip Nikolic, and Valerie Bourdin is her birth mother. The pop star’s ex-wife had had Tanelle from a previous relationship before they met.

Their Love Life Was Not Perfect

In a book titled Filip For Life published in 2010, Valerie described her relationship with the pop star as one filled with trauma, and stated that at the time she was pregnant, her partner was not happy with having a child, as he was not ready to become a father.

More so, Franck Delay who was the childhood friend of Filip stated in an interview that Filip’s wife was not welcomed in the 2be3 group and that the band crew discouraged her presence in the life of the French-born singer.

In another light, Valerie also described him as an extraordinary dad, she spoke of him as a very caring person who gave her much attention at the time they were together, also stating that he has so many solid values, was very religious, and boundless determinations.

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His Net Worth and How Much He Acquired in His Career

Filip Nikolic made an estimated net worth that is not less than $1 million. Although while alive, he never gave any insight into his earnings or his net worth, several sources have speculated based on his success in the entertainment industry that he may have acquired as low as $1 million to as high as $10 million.

The French entertainer’s major source of wealth was music and acting. He also performed as a professional gymnast where he won a French championship and added to his wealth.

His entertainment career lasted 15 years until his life was cut short by death after suffering a cardiac arrest in 2009.

What Led to the Death of Filip Nikolic?

The death of the pop singer was shocking to many, as it was reported that he was met lying down dead in his apartment. According to his doctor, his death was a result of a cardiac heart arrest.

There are several other claims that rally around the media that his death may have been caused by a drug overdose as it was made known that he was on a lot of sleeping pills 15 days before his death.

His childhood friend and former band member Frank Delay also revealed that the pop singer was someone who was always neurotic and anxious and was not in his best of shape any time the duo had conversations on phone.

One of his friends also revealed that the famous actor died because of restlessness. After parting with the group in 2001, he had been all by himself and had difficulties living up to his expectations as an actor and a musician, he also had a lot going on through his mind.

The actor was survived by his parents who are unknown to the public, his daughter Sasha Nikolic Filip, his stepdaughter Tanelle Nikolic Filip and his ex-wife, Valerie Bourdin.

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