MarriedGrant Goodeve Has Been Married To Debbie Ketchum For Over 40 Years:...

Grant Goodeve Has Been Married To Debbie Ketchum For Over 40 Years: See Their Love Story

In the entertainment industry, marriages are often being as scrutinized as careers and that is why divorce news spread like wildfire while marriages that stand the test of time like that of Grant Goodeve and Debbie Ketchum, are being applauded.

The couple have been married since 1978 with 3 children, and many grandchildren and are still moving strong with no marital controversy making headways.

The couple met when they were still quite young but managed to pick up very helpful lessons through their journey in life and love which has helped them remain in marriage for 45 years

Grant Goodeve’s Wife Thought he was a Jerk when they First Met

Debbie Ketchum and Grant Goodeve (Image Source)

Goodeve met his wife back in the early 70s while skiing in Vermont. The actor has a record of being a very good skier and must have engaged in the sport a lot back in the day.

At the time he met Debbie Ketchum, he had no interest in her and she even thought he was a jerk. Goodeve was more interested in her sister. However, as he admitted, ‘God had a different plan’.

Before the end of the 1970s, Goodeven and Debbie began a relationship and even got married.

By April of 1978, the announcement of their marriage was made by Debbie’s parents. The announcement stated that they would be getting married by the next month and true to their words, Grant Goodeve and Debbie Ketchum got married during spring, May 20, 1978.

Their marriage took place in Windham, Vermont and they have been married for 45 years now.

Grant and his wife share a love for music together and have contributed, through their voices and talents, to the growth of music in their Presbyterian church.

He Initially Dated His On-set Sister Before Meeting His Wife

If you don’t know Grant Goodeve, then you should know that he is an American actor born on July 6, 1952, in Middlebury, Connecticut. He started acting as a cast of the 1972 series, Emergency.

He is most famous for his role as David Bradford on ABC’s Eight is Enough. The Darkroom actor also sang the theme song for the show and was on the show from 1977 to 1981. Aside from that, he has been a part of many more movie and series productions. However, none got him the type of attention playing as the oldest son of Tom Bradford in the series.

One of the actor’s earliest love interests was his on-screen sister Laurie Walters. Laurie played the role of Joan ‘Joanie’ Bradford in Eight is Enough.

The romance lasted for a while but did not lead to anything and so the romance fizzled out eventually.

Prior to this romance which happened earlier on the show, he had already met his ‘would-be wife’.

According to Grant, he met the woman who would go on to be his wife for over 4 decades, in the early years of the 1970s.

Grant Goodeve and Debbie Ketchum Have 3 Children Together

Through these years of marriage between Goodeve and Ketchum, they have welcomed 3 children.

Heretofore, the couple played ‘parents’ to Grant’s on-set younger brother, Adam Rich. Adam played the role of Nicholas Bradford.

Grant and Debbie spent the Christmas of 1977 with Adam after taking him back to their family homes in Vermont. They spent so much time with him and got so fond of him that their experience inspired them.

This time spent with Adam Rich sort of inspired Mr. and Mrs. Grant Goodeve to get married the next year and also have kids.

Their first child, a girl named Katie Goodeve was born in 1981. They welcomed another daughter named Emily Goodeve in 1983 and their last son named Mac Goodeve was born in 1986.

Their kids have gone on to give their parents grandchildren increasing the Goodeve and Ketchum brood. As of 2023, reports say Grant and Debbie have 6 grandchildren.  

Debbie Ketchum Goodeve was a Photographer

Outside the love story between Grant Goodeve and Debbie Ketchum, Debbie was a photographer.

She was born sometime in the 1950s to Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ketchum of Westfield, New Jersey. From the story of her meeting with Grant, Debbie has a sister. Except her, it isn’t certain if she is the only sibling she has.

Debbie was born Deborah Lynn Ketchum and she attended the University of Maryland.

By the time she met and began dating Grant, she was working as a photographer at Studio City located in Calif.

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