MarriedWho Is Skylene Montgomery? Details About Sean Payton's Wife

Who Is Skylene Montgomery? Details About Sean Payton’s Wife

Before being a celebrity WAG, Skylene Montgomery was first a beauty queen, professional nurse, and volleyball coach. In 2021, she became the wife of NFL coach Sean Payton after meeting him courtesy an NFL game and they started dating.

She became the stepmother to Payton’s kids from his former marriage. Their relationship and marriage caused quite a stir in the media because of the age difference between them but it was not a deterring factor.

Read on to find out more about Skylene, Sean Payton’s wife.

Skylene Montgomery was born Kasey Montgomery in Parkersburg

Sean Payton’s wife is famously known as Skylene Montgomery but that is not her real name. She was born Kasey Montgomery in Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States on December 4, 1984.

She came about the name Skylene by combining her parent’s first names. Her father is a garage door supplier known as Skylar Montgomery while her mother is a woman simply identified as Darlene. Picking the first 3 letters of her father’s name and adding the last 4 letters of her mother’s, Kasey came up with this nickname for herself and it has stuck.

She was born as the only child of her parents and tagged herself as a tomboy when she was much younger. She had baggy and boyish clothes to further buttress her tomboyish mannerisms.

Skylene had sound education as she attended Parkersburg South High School after which she enrolled in Marshall University, West Virginia University, and Loyola University all majoring in two different courses of studies.

At Marshall University, Montgomery studied Exercise Physiology and graduated in 2008. While at West Virginia University, she studied Nursing and later earned an advanced degree in nursing from Loyola University in 2022.

While in school and even after, Kasey was quite interested in sports, especially volleyball. She has also been very keen on keeping fit.

Did You Know that She was a Beauty Queen?

Back in high school, Kasey participated in Miss Teen West Virginia and emerged to win second position. With this near win, she was encouraged to participate in more beauty pageantries such as Miss Virginia USA which she won, and then Miss USA’s 57th pageant, all in 2008.

So, Skylene definitely made a switch from being a tomboy to being a beauty queen and winning a couple of pageant titles.

She Worked as a Nurse and Volleyball Coach

Skylene Montgomery’s professional journey as a nurse began at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia. She started off as an assistant nurse and then rose to the position of a nursing practitioner. The beauty queen has equally worked in some more places as her expertise grew.

After getting her advanced degree in Nursing in 2022, she explored other major positions too.

According to, she also served as a volleyball coach for the Bayou Sports Club’s Volleyball team. Now, she is a fitness enthusiast focused on sharing her knowledge and journey.

Sean Payton Met his Wife in 2015 and Got Married to Her After 6 Years of Dating

Montgomery and Payton (Image Source)

38-year-old Skylene Montgomery and her husband, Sean Payton met way back in 2015. This was after Sean got divorced from his ex-wife Beth Shuey. Payton and Beth were married in the 1990s but got divorced sometime in 2012. During their marriage, they had 2 children named Meghan Payton born in 1996, and Connor Payton born in 1999.

Skylene and her NFL Coach husband met through a mutual friend. News has it that Skylene wanted tickets to go watch an NFL game and she reached out to her friend who in turn gave her Sean’s number to help her secure the ticket.

After talking, Sean and Skylene realized that they had a lot of similar passions and interests including football and philanthropy. As both were single at the time following failed first marriages, they started dating.

Sean and his wife started dating in 2015  until 2021. In 2019, the NFL coach proposed to Skylene and they intended to get married soon but the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to their plans.

They eventually got around to tying the knot on June 20, 2021, in Mexico. Sean and Kasey Montgomery have remained married ever since.

They do not share any kids together but Skylene is the stepmother to Payton’s children from his first marriage.

However, this union did not happen without controversies springing up in the media and beyond. The controversies stemmed from the fact that the couple has a wide age gap between them.

Kasey Montgomery, now Skylene Montgomery Payton, the wife of NFL’s Denver Broncos coach, is 21 years younger than her husband. She was 37 years old when she got married to Payton who was 58 years old then.

However, they proved unphased by the criticisms and pulled through with their love.

Now, the couple not only lead a happy married life, but they also manage businesses and charity foundations together.

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